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How To Create A File Folder To Access The Cloud

I run a windows 8 desktop, i'm trying to add a link to my exploper desktop called Bipdrive, we need it to connect to my drives at bipmedia. Please see the attached photo for the google drive application, how do we create a application called bipdrive.  dropbox ty that will sync to all systems....

By Anonymous

I Am Using Parse For Signup / Login Functionality In My iOS App, I Have A Small Issue In It. Please Help Me

if the user is registering first time in my app he has to signup otherwise he has to do just login.what is the condition we use to check whether user is new or existing user. I'm following this link...


How Might I Calculate The Sum Of Radio Button Values Using jQuery?

I am trying to create a form with many groups containing many radio buttons. When the user selects a button, I would like to calculate the sum of each selected radio button value and show this sum to the user. I have found a plugin for jQuery which will do the calculation, this plugin use the nam...


How Would I Calculate Sums And Averages Of Printed Numbers?

Currently I have code that prompts the user for numbers and then displays the numbers they entered in a text box under the button for the prompt. What I would like to do is get the sum and average of all the numbers entered. Preferably this would be a number below the numbers that updates everytime ...


How To Link Fixed Images On Tumblr CSS?

For my Tumblr theme, I want to have these 4 fixed images on the right side of the screen to be linked to another page. My Tumblr: Here's the HTML for 1 of the images: <img src="


Span - 100% Width Of Parent

I have the following structure within a bootstrap document - <div class="col-lg-6 col-sm-6> <ul class="stdULGrey st_tabs_ul"> <li class="st_li_first st_li_active"> <a href="#view_1" class="st_tab st_tab_first st_tab_active"> <span ...