How To Process AJAX Request On WordPress - Part 1

AJAX Request Intro AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)”. AJAX Request is used to fetch or insert data into your system without refreshing pages. AJAX is excellent for this job. Say we need to show some specific posts based on some real time input without refreshing our page. In this situation, we have to send an AJAX request to the server first and then it will return to us the array of posts as a .json data obj...
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How To Process AJAX Request On WordPress - Part 2

Introduction to AJAX Hello everyone, I’m back again. In my previous tutorial we looked at AJAX request processing. Now we’ll learn how to implement it with plugin development. In this tutorial we are going to make a plugin which will take an integer number as an input and then it will show the amount of posts from WordPress. The Skeleton First thing first. We need to make the plugin skeleton with the help of ou...
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