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DNF Slow on Fedora? Add Fastestmirror to Your dnf.conf

  DNF Fedora VPS DistributionDNF is a solid advance over Yum. But it’s default behavior may not be what you’re used to. The reason is dnf slow Case in point is that the old yum plugin fastestmirror is now built into dnf! However, it’s default setting is OFF. So, the first thing I do when I install Fedora is turning it on so dnf slow is no more! Make sure your Fedora VPS server is powered on!   First, open your dnf.c...
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pdflatex not found pandoc fedora linux

  Pandoc fedora linux Having trouble getting Pandoc to convert your file to pdf? On Fedora VPS Distribution? Knitter not working in RStudio? etc… There’s a one-stop solution that will get you all of your required dependencies: Fedora’s groups! On Fedora, there are collections of tools called “groups” that make setting up an environment for a particular task easier. For instance, musicians can use the “Audio Pr...
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