How To Install Plone 4. 1. 3 On CentOS 6. 2

Article By: tabitha


Install Plone Diazo Themes VPS server on the BIP media Cloud In this tutorial I will show you how to install Plone on a BIP media CentOS VPS server. I'm migrating from a slow provider to super fast BIP server. Here's how I got my new server ready for Plone-4.1.3.

Starting with a newly installed CentOS 6.2 box, I ran a "yum update" to get all of the current software for the pre-installed packages.

Install the following packages using yum:

  • make
  • readline-devel
  • patch
  • libjpeg-devel
  • poppler-utils
  • gcc
  • gcc-c++
  • libgsf (This is needed for the "wv" package, mentioned later)
  • lynx
  • openssl-devel (This wasn't needed on my server, but Jim reported that he needed to install it. Thanks Jim)

I used a command like this for each package:
#yum install make

As recommended in the Unified Installer docs, I installed the "wv" package. First, I had to install the dependancy: libgsf.  Then I downloaded the package here:

Then I installed “wv” using:

#rpm -Uvh wv-1.2.7-2.el6.x86_64.rpm

Next I followed the instructions for the Plone-4.1.3 Unified Install

It's that simple! If you run into any issues feel free to post your questions in the form bellow and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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