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Drag and drop WordPress page builder had kick-started its journey to the web as an open-source blogging platform back in May 2003. But its super active community and high user experience (UX) evolved the WordPress as the most powerful and popular content management system (CMS) powering the 25% of the top 10 million websites seamlessly.

As the popularity grows in full swing, non-technical webmasters are getting onboard every day. To allow those flocks a smooth experience of website building and simultaneously fastened the workflow of WordPress developers, Drag and drop WordPress page builders come in handy. Such page builders are the time saver and allow to create, edit and customize complex web layouts without touching a single line of code. Sounds fancy, right? To get your head around those plugins, BIP media has put together 5 lightweight drag and drop page builder plugins for WordPress.

You should note that these are page builder plugins, not theme builders. Theme builders generally customize a base theme, whereas page builder plugins come with an interface and functionality enabled which either build you WordPress theme from the ground up or completely renovate a new look for the existing theme.

Drag and drop WordPress Plugin Builder Plugins

Developers always ask around “Which page builder plugin makes a WordPress drag and drop?” or “Is there any lightweight page builder for WordPress?” Frankly speaking, there is no easy answer for such questions. It depends on your need. There are many of page builder plugins has been ruling the market. Though they serve the same purpose in general, have some flagship features that make them separate in the popularity crowd.

Before flipping your through the features of popular page builder plugins, I recommend you to go through some checklists which lead you to grow a proper understanding of you need and help to take proper decision.

  • Responsive Outputs: Having a responsive website is mandatory according to Google. If your page builder couldn’t make your mobile friendly layouts, you are going to lose huge traffic, because more than 1800 million people use smartphone around the world.
  • Maximum Theme Support: The ideal and powerful WordPress page builder plugin should tailor with any of the WordPress themes in the market. Because site owners are found to change themes to maintain unified looks and perform a couple of A/B testing to boost their site engagement.
  • Built-in Modules and Blocks: Web pages are consist of a variety of necessary modules and blocks. If your preferred builder plugin comes with numerous built-in page building modules and blocks, you can accomplish hours of working within a couple of minutes.
  • Security Assurance: The usage of unsystematic code and disobedience of WordPress codex can create security leakage in your WordPress website. Make sure page builder plugins are secured, developed by proficient developers.
  • Time Saving Features: The best page builder WordPress plugins come with many of time-saving features including live preview, drag and drop interface, and so on, which let you build unlimited page elements without being well-versed in code writing.
  • Continuous update: Web technologies moves so fast. If your chosen builder can’t adopt them quickly, your website might be in danger. Because new technology comes with the solution of previous limitation.

01. Velocity page - WordPress builder plugin

Velocity page is an amazing frontend page builder plugin for WordPress created by an awesome team headed by WordPress core developer, Mark Jaquith. The plugin is obviously powerful, astonishingly helpful allows you to create, edit and customize WordPress pages with a live preview. After activating the velocity page, you have an editor enabled on the site frontend, gives you the ultimate flexibility to create new columns, add media contents, rearrange sections semantically. Whereas If you are working on your existing theme, inline editing saves your valuable times.

Velocity page is compatible around 94% of existing WordPress themes in the market. You can enable this plugin to customize them or choose from 4 built-in themes to make professional-looking landing pages if your requirements meet. Despite shipping a lot, Velicity page is yet lightweight and unfussy, makes its powered theme fast loading and responsive.

Getting started is simple. No prior coding skill and no documentation is required. The Velocity page is available in a premium bundle, pricing starts from $97. Before heading for the final decision, you can try the official demo.

02. Page Builder by SiteOrigin

SiteOrigin is another one of the most popular and free drag and drop page builder for WordPress, allows you to create responsive layouts using widget-based architecture. The plugins is easy to install and head start, doesn’t requires its users to learn new tactics for professional usage. The overall interface is intuitive as WordPress backend alike. The builder can smartly compatible with all popular WordPress themes and automatically adapt to large screen width and all mobile devices.

To make the builder more robust and serve the unmatched needs of users, developer team continues the plugin development, updates core application and widget bundles regularly. The flagship feature is its content creating kit, let you choose the exact number of columns for each row and edit the existing site content with a live preview.

If you are are familiar with photoshop or Microsoft Word, you know how helpful undo and redo buttons are. To bring you the same experience in web layout building, page builder by SiteOrigin has come with the capability to roll forward and back through the layout changes. The taste of website styling varies from clients to clients, even something they demand a completely unique look. To satisfy them all instantly, the page builder plugin comes with options handles like custom CSS and CSS class which change the style attribute for such as padding, background and column spacing.

03. Themify - Drag and Drop WordPress Themes

When it comes to building a website in the shortest possible time, Themify builder plugin is the unbeaten name in the industry. The plugin is super intuitive and user-friendly, comes with 15 modules including accordion, image, gallery, and slider which allow the fastest website developing with a drag and drop interface. Installing Themify builder, you can easily create and customize page contents both from frontend and admin panel with a live preview. If you don’t want to wet your hand building layouts, you’ll find an option to include ready-to-use layouts in WordPress pages.

Custom styling is one of the amazing features of this drag and drop builder plugin. So, you can add video background setting its loops, enable parallax scrolling defining its background image, enable Google fonts switching from 660+ variations, and apply your desired colors as well as module animations choosing from 60+ variations.

If you are a developer you need to reuse the same code blocks and layouts for your future projects. Themify builder has layout export and import capability built-in. The codebase of Themify builder powered themes are lightweight and responsive meaning your website loads faster even on mobile devices. Concern about smart search engine visibility? The page builder is SEO optimized and easily translatable. Everything you can grab on $39.

04. Visual Composer - WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Visual composer is the first best-selling, yet the most powerful frontend and backend page builder running more than 500K+ websites flawlessly. Curious to know the secret behind the huge success, right? The simple answer is its powerful feature which empowers users with a full control over WordPress websites and enable you to design any kind of complex layouts without writing a single line of code.

The site developing process can be performed both from site frontend and even from admin panel with a drag and drop interface. If you don’t want to create custom layouts, pick from 40+ predefined layout templates, I bet your requirement would match perfectly.

The plugin is comparatively lightweight because of its add-on base architecture meaning the more features you need, the more add-ons you can install. The codebase of this plugin can perfectly be suited any of WordPress theme in the market, make generated websites compatible with popular browsers and mobile widths. If you want to make a robot, lessen your working load, get the Visual composer on $34, it plays a role as your personal robot alike.

Visual composer is basically developer friendly, can enable customizing dominance over pages and posts simultaneously. The builder plugin is easy to install and allow you to enable and disable features according to your need. To fasten your site development workflow, you can use 40+ design elements can be divided into categories content, social, site stunner, new elements and WordPress widget. If you find default color, font-size and stylings don’t suit your brand or your taste, custom CSS option allows you to modify the CSS without changing core files.

05. Beaver builder - WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Beaver builder is frontend drag and drop page builder for Wordpress, is a complete design package for creating complete responsive websites without touching a line of code. It works in the site fronted meaning the design you create, will exactly visible to your visitors after you hit publish button. With Beaver builder, anyone can easily create columns, perfectly positioned images and text, and media rich content pages which includes elements like tabs, slideshow, videos and more.

Beaver builder comes with a vast array of content modules, quickly allows you to create professionally responsive web layouts and stunning landing pages within a robust drag and drop system. The plugin is scalable and developer friendly supports heaps of 3rd party plugins for widgets and shortcodes.

Like others, Beaver builder is compatible with maximum WordPress themes and keep them lightweight, because it doesn't load unnecessary scripts and stylesheets except the required assets files for desired outputs.

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