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Ethos crypto pool mining hosted at BIP minging

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Ethos Mining rig - Linux

This Linux-based mining operating system for a GPU cryptocurrency mining rigs is highly recommended for pool mining GPU applications and is easy to install, set up, and operate (for people who have worked with Linux software!). ethOS currently supports mining Ethereum, ZCash, Monero, and others.ethOS is free software licensed under the General Public License (GNU), but it is highly recommended that you purchase a copy to support the ongoing development of the software. (While free, it is not open source; it is, according to the website, provided under the “Small Goat with Red Eyes’ license. You should buy one ethOS from per each rig on which you intend to run ethOS. If you don't, a small goat with red eyes will visit you while you sleep”). The software can be directly downloaded, or you can purchase a preloaded flash drive or SSD. Follow the documentation to get your mining rig fully set up and hashing.

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