Take The Hassle Out Of Finding HIPAA - GDPR Compliant Vendors

Signing a Business Associate Agreement is required for HIPAA - GDPR Compliance with anyone you do business with in Healthcare. Sleep well knowing your vendors are compliant!

Find HIPAA and GDPR compliant vendors in the most trusted marketplace! Trust Your Business Associate Agreements are signed and keep all your data safe!

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The BIPmd HIPAA - GDPR SaaS Alliance Marketplace™ is designed to connect Medical Professionals (Covered Entities or CEs) with vendors (Business Associates or BAs) they can trust. Vendors are verified by Compliance Group’s industry-standard BIPmd HIPAA - GDPR SaaS Compliance Seal™ to earn their place in our secure, closed, HIPAA - GDPR compliant marketplace.

With Covered Entities and Business Associates working in BIPmd ecosystem, The BIPmd HIPAA - GDPR SaaS Alliance™ saves members time, money, and the frustration of searching for HIPAA - GDPR compliant vendors. The BIPmd ecosystem allows organizations to confidently work together, with standard Business Associate Agreements (BAA) and validated and verified HIPAA - GDPR compliant vendors.

Take the risk out of your business! Choose a validated HIPAA - GDPR compliant partner with confidence.

BIPmd HIPAA - GDPR Healthcare IT Marketplace

For Business Associates

  • Acquire new highly qualified clients
  • Differentiate your business
  • Receive the BIPmd HIPAA - GDPR Compliant Seal
  • Verified and Validated HIPAA - GDPR compliance
  • Gain Market Exposure

For Covered Entities

  • Electronic Health and Medical Records Providers
  • Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management
  • Security and Risk Assessment – IT/MSP/MSaaS
  • Software Providers, Email, Encryption, Back up and Print
  • Practice Management Consultants
  • marketers, compliance experts, and everything else your practice needs!