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Head end server nodes and storage clusters
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BIPmd Head End Cloud Storage Controls hardware

BIPmd Head-End Cloud Storage Controls hardware

Our head end service platform is perfect for affiliates, MSP's and data center partners who are looking for a white label, plug and play, fully managed, Secure HIPAA - GDPR hosting platform to offer their customers.

By adding BIPmd's head end to a new or existing network stack or data center racks, you can offer customers your local POP as well as a growing list of POP locations in the BIPmd network. Now customers have much more flexibility and localized reach when designing and hosting their HIPAA - GDPR servers, applications, and services.

Note: Data center business partners can choose to participate in BIPmd's upcoming open-net distributed blockchain storage and earns as much as 10% for each secure HIPAA - GDPR server instance hosted at your location(s). Ask your BIPmd representative for more information.

How does self provisioning work?

When a customer orders a server at any of our pop locations, our order management system provisions the service automatically by setting up the customers service plan in the desired POP location. Customer automatically gets notified when the service is ready to login.

With your own hosted BIPmd head-end system, you can offer your customers local servers and services + all the other POP locations we offer.

+ You start earning 10% monthly for each customer you sing up.
+ Have the peace of mind in knowing that all hosted head end POP’s are fully managed by us.
+ Our dedicated sales and support team’s are ready to assist you 24×7.

Our head end, white label, secure HIPAA - GDPR server hosting service is perfect for small to midsize MSP’s, web design and programming agencies or Midsize to Larger MSP’s, Data Centers, and facility providers interested in growing their bottom line through a fully managed secure HIPAA - GDPR server hosting service.

If this sounds link you then fill out the form below or give us a call! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and see if you qualify for the program.


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