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What’s the Difference Between AR, VR, and MR?

Augmented Reality (AR) adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone. Examples of augmented reality experiences include Snapchat lenses and the game Pokemon Go.  Virtual Reality (VR) implies a complete immersion...

Create Compress Archive Almost Any File in Linux (tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, gz, bz, zip, 7z, rar, etc…)

Compress file Command's like rar, tar, unzip, zip on a VPS Server This is a Linux command line guide/cheat sheet that will help you archive or compress file. More options are also available by reading the man pages! Most compression or arch...

Apache Web Server Hardening (Part-I)

Apache Web - VPS Server Hardening Having a default configuration in Apache Web Server is highly vulnerable to exploitation as it supplies most sensitive information to attacker. So, hardening or having a custom web server enhances the VPS serv...

Using Version Control to track Configuration Management On Drupal

Track Configuration Management For this configuration management tutorial, a drupal vps server you need considerable or basic knowledge in/of open source CVS such as Git. GIT is highly recommended with content management system (CMS) such as D...

Table | Use one file per table with MySQL's INNODB storage

  Introduction to MySQL INNODB engine table storage InnoDB is a general-purpose storage engine that balances high reliability and high performance. In MySQL 5.6, InnoDB is the default MySQL storage engine. Unless you have configured a differ...

pdflatex not found pandoc fedora linux

  Pandoc fedora linux Having trouble getting Pandoc to convert your file to pdf? On Fedora VPS Distribution? Knitter not working in RStudio? etc… There’s a one-stop solution that will get you all of your required dependencie...

DNF Slow on Fedora? Add Fastestmirror to Your dnf.conf

  DNF Fedora VPS DistributionDNF is a solid advance over Yum. But it’s default behavior may not be what you’re used to. The reason is dnf slow Case in point is that the old yum plugin fastestmirror is now built into dnf! However, it...

How to Setup ZPanel CP on Linux CentOS 6

  Today we are going to show you about one of the most important solution of web hosting control panel which is more than an open source application that works on Windows and Linux that is zPanel CP. Its written in PHP and uses different ot...

How to Install and Setup SugarCRM Community on CentOS 7.1

Customer Relations Management is a vital component to any business with customer support, marketing and sales. In our today’s article we will setup the World’s largest open source CRM software that is sugarCRM. It is a web based customer ma...

How To update and upgrade Arch Linux

  I've started using Arch Linux for a few weeks now, and I've installed it on my BIP media VPS server (Virtual Private Server). I must say I really like it. I'm posting some tips about Arch Linux if you want to give it a try. ...