BIP ASIC GPU data center hosting

Having a low energy cost is good, but it takes more then that to generate mining, which is both profitable and sustainable

The BIP mining chain is designed to offer a complete range of services to match the user experience, as well as 100% plug and play. To do this, BIP mining and its partners have implemented a cycle of services to ensure complete mining, from the assembly of your mine to the monthly monitoring of all operations.


BIP mining offers the sale of mining equipment designed from the early stage for professional hosting

BIP equipment mining supply
BIP Mining Logistics Configuration

Logistics - Configuration

Management of importations to the place of delivery: Assembly and optimization of equipment.

Installation - Monitoring

Offering reception, installation and commissioning of the equipment to your wallet. You benefit from dedicated 24/7 monitoring access

BIP Mining Installation Monitoring
BIP Mining Production Pool

Production - Pool

You are now participating in securing the operation of the Blockchain & you receive the reward for the production via your equipment into your wallet

The BIP Mining Experience

BIP mining tracks monthly operations. Enjoy all the benefits of sustainable mining from your office chair

BIP mining experience

RIG & ASIC Hosting

BIP Mining GPU Rig Rack

BIP mining is connected to the world market of ASIC suppliers, to get the best prices and availabilities.”

ASIC mining rigs BIP mining

Monthly Cost Simulator

You already own an ASIC? Check your monthly expenses (all included), by giving your consumption in kWh:

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Monthly hosting cost estimate:

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BIP Mining GPU Rig Rack

"From the factory to your crypto wallet"

BIP mining factory

BIP mining sources equipment globally, process and assembles, connection rigs to customer wallet, perform optimization and efficiency testing, provides electrical power and performance measurements in our Los Angeles assembly workshop. ASICs and GPU rigs are sent directly to your data center of choice.

BIP mining fast delivery

Since speed equals profitability, BIP mining and its team members manage all aspects of the supply chain including import and customs clearance for all the territories covered, and for all components and materials, with speed, accuracy and reliability.

BIP mining data center

When the equipment arrives at the Data Center, the on-site team takes over the equipment handling and installation on the racks, connection to the high speed network, installing the mining software & configures the connection to the mining pool of customers.

"Software for Solo or Pool Mining, Your choice"

BIP Mining GPU Rig Rack

"Trusted partners make for a smooth, full service, enriched 360 degree experience"

BIP mining and its partners offer 100% plug and play packages with a full range of services and support for better supervision of equipment and remote operations.

Crypto Pool Mining Software

Lots of downloadable programs are specifically designed for mining cryptocurrencies. However, many of them are from unreliable sources, and some may include malware or other computer viruses. To avoid that issue, here is a list of a few reliable mining software programs designed to mine towards pools.

4.7 ★

Crypto pool mining software hosted at BIP mining


Crypto Pool Mining

4.5 ★

Crypto pool mining software hosted at BIP mining


Crypto Pool Mining

5.0 ★

Crypto pool mining software hosted at BIP mining


Crypto Pool Mining

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Crypto Solo Mining Software

Find your favorite software in our catalog and launch it.

4.7 ★

CGMiner Crypto Mining Software hosted at BIP mining


Crypto Mining

4.7 ★

btcminer Crypto Mining Software hosted at BIP mining


Crypto Mining

4.7 ★

Monero Crypto Mining Software hosted at BIP mining


Crypto Mining

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The BIP mining Experience

We offer the experience of an economic model based on mutual trust and transparency