Mining FAQ!

1: Can I send my equipment myself directly to your data center

Yes, you can send your mining equipment directly to any of our data centers; however we recommend that you go through a forwarding agent recommended by BIP mining. Once the equipment arrives on site, the technical team will install it and connect it to your wallet as well as your new BIP mining back office.

2: What are the costs involved to send equipment to on of your data centers?

The shipping cost corresponds to transport costs and customs clearance, it varies depending on the size of the batch, the weight and the time of shipment, which is why we make the quote at the actual time of shipment. Our team and our partners are at your disposal for the duration of this process.

3: Can I get my equipment back at any time?

We offer 3 years and 5 year term contracts. Contracts are fixed for the first two year on a 3 year contract, and three years on a 5 year contact after which it becomes possible to terminate the contract, within a 90 day day notice period.

4: Can I have control access to my equipment from a distance?

For solo mining plans, or private mining pools, you will get to choose which software you want to run when placing your order. For BIP public mining pool, configurations are set up in advance by our technicians in order to harmonize the power and longevity of your equipment, with the overall compatibility of the infrastructures. However, you can send us a new wallet or algorithm details at any time, to make the desired changes. (See conditions).

5: I would like to invest in Mining, what would you advise me to do?

Although BIP mining is not an investment consulting firm, we can share our mining expertise with you, support you and help you determine with precision the type of material that will best suit your needs. We can ensure for you all the follow-up of the monthly operations, the settings, the management of your mine and the dynamics of purchase and resale of your equipment.