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The struggle to save the unpredictable: a look inside emergency departments

Emergency departments have their share of regulars. The patients come back time and time again. Some you don’t mind. Some of you inwardly cringe and say, “Oh, God, them again.” Seriously, George, this is the second time this shift. They come and go until you notice that you haven’t seen someone in a while. You don’t Read more… The struggle to sa...   1 hour ago

The rise of at-home STI testing: a solution to America’s growing problem or a risky gamble?

In 2021, I spent the year before starting medical school calling and counseling the patients of a busy urban emergency department on the results of their sexually transmitted infection (STI) tests. “What exactly is gonorrhea?” some would ask. “Is there a cure?” “No one ever taught me about this,” one older gentleman lamented when we Read more...   1 hour ago

A heartbreaking yet heartwarming story of a pediatric neurology resident’s struggle and empathy

The pager beeps early on the first day of my inpatient pediatric neurology service week. The pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) would like us to perform a brain death examination on a young boy before potential organ donation. An apparently healthy boy who had an unexpected clinical course that led to his current state. As Read more… A heartbreaking yet heartwarming story o...   1 hour ago

"Can't I have a cortisone shot in my shoulder?"

Physicians and patients are often tempted to try injection of the shoulder to see if this gives pain relief. While intra articular injection of steroids (like cortisone) may be of at least temporary benefit in lessening symptoms, each injection does carry the risk of infection as emphasized in these postsCan injection infect the shoulder with Propionibacterium?Should the painfu...

Shoulder Arthritis / Rotator Cuff Tears: Causes Of Shoulder Pain   1 hour ago

An Action Plan for Cold or Flu + COVID-19

It’s possible to catch COVID-19 and a cold or flu at the same time. Here are tips on how to feel better with a coinfection....

WebMD   7 hours ago

The future of medicine is now: AI’s role in diagnostics and treatment

OpenAI’s ChatGPT took the world by storm a couple of months ago when they opened it up for public use. Since then, people have shown the infinite number of ways it can be applied in just about every area of life, from telling you the recipe for your favorite food to writing scientific abstracts that Read more… The future of medicine is now: AI’s role in diagnostic...   9 hours ago

Evolution Guides a New Kind of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine

The pandemic virus SARS-CoV-2 continues to cause infections as it mutates into new variants. While the vaccines that are available have been able......

LabRoots   10 hours ago

Baby’s First Cereal (From Scratch)

Baby’s First Cereal (From Scratch) Making your own baby cereal costs a fraction of what you can buy it for and takes just minutes! Learn how with our simple tutorial. What is the Best Baby Cereal to Start With? For years, the recommendation was that you start with plain white rice cereal. There has been recent evidence against rice cereal, […] READ: Baby’s Fir...

Super Healthy Kids   12 hours ago