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Heel Fractures Can Undermine Your Footing

Heel fractures, although uncommon, do happen. When they do occur, the heel bone breaks. This is usually due to severe impacts like falling from a significant height or any other sudden force applied to the heel....

Perform Podiatry   2 years ago

Fracture Fridays: A talus as old as time

You can think of the talus as the "scaphoid of the foot." These fractures can be difficult to diagnose and need immediate Orthopedic consultation in many cases....

PEMCincinnati   2 years ago

COVID-19: How Hospitals Can Create Better Inpatient Bed Capacity through Math

Dr. Pallabi Sanyal-Dey, Associate Professor of Medicine at UCSF & Director of Client Services at LeanTaaS Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, key elements of hospital operations such as managing inpatient bed capacity, and access to ventilators and PPE have taken center stage. The general public got a crash course on what hospitals need ... Read More...

  2 years ago