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1: What is a DID?

Direct inward dialing (DID) is a feature offered by telephone service providers for use with their customers’ private branch exchange (PBX) systems. Individual numbers are provided to specific subscribers. This makes it possible for a 10 digit phone number to reach a specific telephone within a company, rather than reaching a main line.

2: What calling area do the unlimited SIP trunks cover?

Our unlimited SIP trunks cover outbound SIP calls to the 48 contiguous US states and Canada (excluding the Northwest Territories of Canada). Inbound local DIDs for the 48 contiguous US states are also included in the unlimited SIP Trunks.

3: What is your US DID footprint?

We have one of the largest DID footprints of any SIP trunking provider with access to over 6,000 rate centers in the United States. Whereas most other SIP trunk providers will only have a handful of numbers in each rate center, you will often find hundreds of numbers in each area code across the country in our inventory.

4: Do you offer Toll-Free DIDs?

Yes. We offer toll-free DIDs which can be instantly added in your Control Panel. Toll-free pricing can be found on our main pricing page.

5: Do you offer vanity telephone numbers?

We do not currently offer vanity telephone numbers. Vanity local numbers are nearly impossible to come across as the various local phone companies maintain their own blocks of these numbers. Typically, the only way to get a vanity local number is to request a single analog line to your location from the local phone company with the vanity telephone number you want. Then, once the service is officially established and you receive your first bill, you can then port the number over to It is a somewhat painful process, but unfortunately, there is no way around it. Toll-Free vanity numbers, on the other hand, are easier to come by. We partner with the leading provider of toll-free vanity numbers in the US. Simply browse and purchase a toll-free vanity number through their website, and port it over to us. They will provide you with the necessary documentation for porting, making the porting process smooth.

6: Can I port my telephone numbers to

Yes. You can port US48 numbers to The pricing for porting is located on our main pricing page. To initiate a port request, simply visit the Control Panel and click on ‘Number Porting’. From there, you will have detailed instrucitons on how the porting process works, what the timeframes are, and have the ability to generate new online port requests. You can also check the status of your ports from the Control Panel as well.

7: What happens if I cannot find a DID in a particular area code?

We are able to backorder numbers in a particular area code if not available. It normally takes 5-7 business days to fulfill a backorder request. To initiate a backorder, please open a support ticket with the specifics on the area code and rate center you are looking for.