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BIPmd Customer Product Review And Testimonials

Here are some Genuine Product Review, Testimonials and Client Feedback about BIPmd Secure HIPAA-GDPR Server Hosting Services and KB Knowledge Base Community.

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Product Review  Testimonials BIPmd


SEO Expert from Paprola, India

It’s been a pleasure working with BIP MD Team so far. Nothing is too much trouble; they have helped in absolutely every aspect – I mean everything!

All that, coupled with the kind of professionalism that every company should aspire to.

Thanks, BIP MD, you guys are the BEST!.


Linux System Admin From Islamabad, Pakistan

This is a fantastic platform and I have decided to participate and share my knowledge with all of you. Check out my How TO tutorial I posted on the CLC.

I’m excited to be a part of the community and remember I’m always here to help!


CEO & Founder - from Ludhiana, India

These days professionals can be found easily but finding an expert takes real efforts. Fortunately,

I stumble upon BIP MD for cloud VPS hosting services and quickly discovered that they delivered way more than I expected.

Their Community Learning Center (CLC) program caught my eye... I'm quite impressed by their Community Learning Center program.

The way they embrace open source knowledge is fascinating. Numerous people putting maximum efforts in spreading quality knowledge & personal experiences for a number of topics.

BIP MD is the result of tremendous efforts and integration, splendid platform and truly the nectar of supreme knowledge.

Rich Simbajon

Affiliate Marketer / Onpage Optimization

BIP CLC is a great place to learn trending topics on open source technology. I'm a online marketing expert and I still find exciting new tutorials to better my skills.

If you want to learn more about the latest tools to help you with your online marketing journey this is the perfect place for you.


Software QA Analyst From Colombo, Sri Lanka

BIP MD is a great place for all your cloud hosting needs. They have packages starting at just $10.00/m with over 150 open source titles to choose from that can be pre loaded on your servers.

Not only do I host my servers and my customer servers with BIP MD but I'm also an active member of the CLC - Community Learning Center. You can find all my How To tutorials online at the CLC.

I love BIP MD and so will you.



SMM (Social Media Marketer) Form Rajshahi, Bangladesh, Bangladesh!

BIP MD is a wonderful Community Learn Center!

They assist program developers, system admins, designers, etc. with all sorts of screen supported devices.

Check it out!


Social media Marketer From Grdelica, Serbia

Many of our clients have experienced problems with growing their web business after their initial set up. We care about our clients. We care about YOU, which is why we decided to help!

BIP MD is a great place if you want to use the help of Social Media and Online Marketing experts to help you grow your business and guide you through every step of your journey!


Software Developer from Bosnia and Herzegovina!

With many years of experience and an individual approach to each client's satisfaction are just some of the reasons why I love BIP MD!

Spreading the circle of satisfied customers is our mission. We set very high standards for all our people and customers are just loving the results.

It's simple for us. The values we base our success are quality, service, and trust.


Web Developer And Web Designer From Mohali India!

BIP MD has great features. The platform is focused on IT and non IT people eager to learn and get the best tutorials on cutting edge topics.

The people there are very supportive, extremely talented and always ready to help. If you are technically inclined or a fresher you will feel welcomed into the community.

It’s my pleasure to share BIP MD with all of you!

Wang Ping

Expert Wordpress / Filemaker / Netsuite from Malaysia!

The BIP CLC is a dynamic, informative, leading edge online informational learning center.

They assist program developers, system admins, designers etc. with all sorts of screen supported devices.

I have 12 years of experience in web development and filemaker.

During this period, I have been developing a lot of websites and solutions.

My objective is user-friendly and high-quality.

Mohammad Arif

Software Developer From Chandigarh, India.

Check out the BIP CLC! It's Great Source for learning.

I appreciate it.

Avnish Kumar

Joomla & PHP Developer From mohali India

You’ll be able to learn a lot of interesting, and educational stuff. BIP CLC is a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning about how technology runs nowadays!

Check it out, you’ll love it as much as I do. It’s my go to place!


VoIP Asterisk Expert From Punjab, Pakistan!

I really love BIP MD CLC. It's a great place to learn about all kinds of open source software topics. I have already made friends with other Voips experts.

CLC members can spin up servers to share ideas and knowledge. I use it for setting up VoIP servers, troubleshooting VoIP servers, etc.

It's like having my personal lab that I can access from anywhere in the world.


Web Developer From India!

Thanks to BIP MD, I got to learn about different platforms to showcase my skills.

This website has also helped me immensely in learning about various things related to software and hardware systems from their easy-to-read and exceptionally well-described tutorials.

Thanks again BIP MD!

Mohammad Abu Taleb

Bachelor of Business Administration From Dhaka, Bangladesh

The beauty of CLC (Community Learning Center) is, it enables the opportunity to learn from the industry experts. Community members help each other and making the world a better place to live.

Things are getting even sweeter with BIP's knowledge sharing feature.

Check it out I'm sure you will be impressed.


VoIP Asterisk Expert From India

My name is Dwibendu and am a VoIP Expert part of SJS IT Solutions.

I’m excited to join the CLC and be part of the community.

With BIP MD we can keep focusing on what's really most important to us: “Implement our Ideas in Open Source World!”

I'm Looking forward to a long and fruitful association with them.


Your Wordpress and SEO Guy from Galway, Ireland!

It's quite difficult to find a company that really cares about Open Source Knowledge! Thanks to BIP MD for the opportunity to be a part of the CLC.

There is always someone in the Community Learning Center to get help from!

I look forward to seeing you guys inside.


Writer From Nairobi, Kenya!

The BIP CLC is a dynamic, informative, leading edge online informational learning center.

BIP MD continues to help me immensely by providing new and fresh learning software and hardware related topics. They have the best well-explained tutorials which are easy to read and understand.

Thanks again BIP MD.


Software Engineer, DevOps, Technical Evangelist from sunny Belarus!

I'm very glad to find a company that cares about Open Source Knowledge! Thanks, BIP MD for the opportunity to be a part of the CLC.

You can always find help in the Community Learning Center - stay tuned!


VoIP Engineer From Moldova, Russian!

I'm happy to be a part of the CLC and wanted to share with all of you that I will be contributing tutorials on VoIP (Voice Over IP) to the Community!

It's a great feeling that my small contribution is helping build this tremendous free resource for everyone.

For those of you who are not familiar with BIP MD and the CLC Community, Well let's just say that the people here love to help you get quality knowledge from different areas and topics.

I have been looking for a quality community to be a part of and this is it! Give it a try. I think you will be as impressed as I am.

I'm not just a CLC contributor, I'm also a customer!

I recommenced BIP MD cloud servers and hosting for all who wants to get the best service for the business.

It's that simple!

Sign up for a secure HIPAA-GDPR server hosting service and Deploy in no time flat.

Sign up for BIPmd today.